Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zoo Trip 2011

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Welcome to the home of the Cleveland branch of the Wofford clan! I hope to keep this updated with what we have been doing and tracking the growth of the boys for all to see.

So far this this summer has brought some fun adventures. We enjoyed a members only preview of the new African Elephant Crossing at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The boys enjoyed being able to see elephants, snakes, naked mole rats, meerkats, and lots of birds close up. They even had the opportunity to pet a hedgehog, although I think they were hoping it was Sonic. Check out the pictures of our trip.

Nathan continues to excel in the Cub Scouts and begins his first year as a Webelos Scout. He will be a Webelos for a year and half then he transitions to Boy Scouts. We have some big events planned with the Scouts for this year including a family campout at West Branch State Park in Ravenna, Ohio, a overnight stay on a WWII Cruiser, the USS Little Rock, at the Buffalo Naval and Military Park in Buffalo, New York, a winter campout at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and Scout camp to name a few. Nathan will be a busy Scout as he works towards earning the Webelos Super Achiever award for earning all 20 Webelos badges, a task that not all Scouts accomplish. I continue to be involved in the pack leadership. This year I assume the duties of the Committe Chairman and move away from the Awards Chairman.

Keegan is spending the summer wanting to spend every moment in the pool, now that it is finally cleaned and opened. We can't believe that he will be starting kindergarten in the fall. We've been working on his kindergarten readiness activities and he is proving to be one smart kid, in fact at times he is too smart for our own good. Let's just hope he uses his smarts for good. Kids grow up so quick it's hard to remember them as babies, although the house was quieter then ;) Next fall Keegan will be joining the Cub Scouts as a Tiger Cub. He has already had fun with the pack in our family activities, campouts, pool parties, and fishing derbies.

Brady continues to grow and develop into quite a character. He had surgery on his eyes to correct his eyes crossing as just glasses were not correcting the problem as we had hoped. His eye issues are similar to Nathan's just a little worse. Nathan has done very well in his glasses and hopefully will be transitioning out of bifocals and into single vision glasses in the not too distant future. We have been getting Brady ready to start pre-school in the fall. He will be going to the same pre-school that Nathan went as well, they have since moved from one church to another and are now less than 5 minutes from the house. It will be quite a change in the house for Colleen as all the boys except for Camden go to school.

Camden is almost 5 months old and is still our little peanut. He has recently started eating his first foods. He wasn't too thrilled with the rice cereal, and who can blame him, it tastes like wallpaper paste. He does enjoy fruits and vegetables and Colleen has been making homemade food with the baby bullet. He continues to be a happy baby and doesn't fuss unless he needs something. He has been sleeping through the night since he was about 2 months old. He usually goes down for the night without a fuss on his own around the same time as the older boys go to bed which is nice so Colleen and I can enjoy quiet time and conversations that don't revolve around Star Wars, Cars, and the various Disney shows that the boys watch.

That's about it for now, check out the pictures for some recent and not so recent pictures of us.