Monday, August 1, 2011

Pool Parties

This past weekend was a collection of pool parties, large and small for us. Saturday evening was the Cub Scout family pool party. This year Keegan came with Nate and I. The pack buys the pizza and all of us bring sides, chips, deserts, etc. As usual the food was a-plenty and fun was had by all. We rented one of the local community pools and had the entire thing to ourselves for two hours. Nathan and his fellow Webelos worked on their aquanaut badge, one of the 20 Webelos badges that Nathan has the opportunity to earn. While that was going on I took Keegan in the pool.

At first he was a little hesitant once he realized that he could walk around and play in the splash zone of the pool without holding on to Colleen or I he and I spent most of the time playing with all the different valves and such that controlled the different splash equipment. Nathan and I got to go on the big water slides, a fast one and a curvy one, while Keegan enjoyed watching the big splashes that I made.After a couple of hours, good food, and good conversation with friends, three tired Wofford men headed home.

Sunday found me making 2 dutch babies for breakfast, doing some long overdue yard work, cutting up and bundling a small evergreen tree that came down in a storm a few weeks ago, finishing some pool maintenance with Nate's help, and cutting the back grass. After dinner Aunt Nancy, Uncle Tim, and Colton came over and we all enjoyed a family swim night. Having our own pool does make getting 4 energetic boys tired and ready for bed a whole heck of a lot easier.

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